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Nurse Aestheticians: Bridging The Gap Between Wellness and Medicine

As I spoke to a client, who happened to be a fellow aesthetician, about the changing field we deal with every day when a client opens our door, I realized it was time to write about our role in people’s lives as gatekeeper of their wellness goals. I say this because the soul of the medical field has changed, and many times a medical diagnosis results in quick prescriptions with treatment with steroids and antibiotics. As many of you know, some of these, treat the symptom and not the cause, and can be toxic to your body.

There’s a lot to be gained by adopting a holistic, preventive approach to skin health. Every day I convince myself that it is the understanding of the environmental and emotional factors that we encounter every day that can lead to great results. And please do not confuse holistic with natural. Holistic means encompassing all variables, and taking into account the whole and not the isolated parts. In other words, considering what we eat, our lifestyles, what we apply to our skin, and of course, treatments. For example, leave accutane and antibiotics as the last alternative when treating acne, and instead take the appropriate supplements that can not only be better for your gut, but life changing, along with a combination of topicals including vitamin A concomitantly and the right treatments.

As a firm believer in a wellness and preventive approach to anti aging, taking medications versus going holistic do not have to be a boxing ring. In other words, each have its place and time and can complement each other.

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