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Cellulite: The Big Enigma

One of the top concerns of my clients, along with hair removal, is cellulite. The concern is real, since many of them refuse to wear shorts or even a bathing suit due to the embarrassment resulting from cellulite. And while trying to diminish its importance is a way to deal with it, with new treatment options, we can feel better about ourselves.

The truth is that the etiology of cellulite is not completely known. So what is cellulite, besides the appearance, to some degree, of cottage cheese on our skin? One theory proposes that cellulite is the result of herniation of fat protruding through a weakened dermis and altered connective tissue. Another theory suggests that cellulite is a result of vascular dysfunction that results in edema and oxygen deprivation to the tissue. And yet another theory links cellulite to inflammation. While the evidence is not complete, a combination of these factors may be the culprit.

One thing is known for sure, and that is that cellulite afflicts women more than men. 85%to even 98% of post pubertal women suffer from cellulite, yet it is rarely seen on men. White women are more affected than other races. As a result of its prevalence, considering cellulite as a secondary sexual characteristic is not farfetched. A hormonal component is also present. Cellulite can be aggravated by weight gain, stress, a sedentary lifestyle, pregnancy, excessive consumption of carbohydrates, and even genetic predisposition.

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