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Advanced Skin Treatments

We Start with a Full Skin Analysis

We like to start our clinical skin care program with a full skin analysis. During this consultation, we utilize the newest version of the Wood Lamp, the Observ, which uses powerful polarization and fluorescence illumination technologies. As the characteristics of the skin are illustrated, we can then link them to impairments of the skin’s inner biological mechanisms, such as skin texture, pigmentation, and secretions. The information gathered from the initial consultation will allow us to determine a pathway to treat different skin conditions.

Advanced Skin Treatments in Miami

Our treatments are meant for the long run and with a goal set in advance. We do not believe in the effectiveness of shortcuts or one-time solutions, instead, we adopt a holistic approach and lifestyle analysis as a roadmap towards better results from our treatments. We always strive to maintain the integrity of the epidermis.

Tailored Consultations with Advanced Technology

We leverage Advanced Technology throughout our skin treatments. Whether it’s the innovative capabilities of Morpheus8, Nordlys IPL, or Aerolase. Morpheus8 brings forth microneedling and radiofrequency technologies, adept at addressing acne and uneven skin tone. Nordlys IPL navigates through pigmentation and vascular conditions, enhancing skin texture with its pulsed light technology. Meanwhile, Aerolase stands as a versatile solution, tackling various skin conditions like acne, pigmentation, and melasma with advanced laser technology.

Commitment to Sustainable Skin Health

Our goal is to get you where you want to be to the best of our ability. For this, treatment will vary and a combination of one or more alternatives will be utilized. We don’t believe in patchwork of isolated treatments, but rather in allowing our skin to guide us as it reacts to the treatments we apply. We may apply a mask for product penetration into your skin and for skin nourishment at the end of many of our treatments. We continue treatment for as long as needed which is aligned with our holistic philosophy and lifestyle approach to skin care.

Med Aesthetics Miami prides itself on having the most advanced technological aesthetics technologies and expertise, ensuring your skin is cared for, understood, and meticulously treated.

Our Advanced Skin Treatments:

  • Morpheus8: A state-of-the-art microneedling treatment that rejuvenates your skin’s structure and aesthetic.
  • Nordlys IPL: A versatile light technology approach to managing pigmentation and enhancing skin texture
  • Aerolase: An advanced laser skin treatment, addressing a myriad of skin conditions.
  • Pixel and Radiofrequency with the Juvashape: A distinctive treatment designed to enhance your skin’s vitality and aesthetic.
  • Swich™ Dermal Rejuvenation: A distinctive treatment designed to enhance your skin’s vitality and aesthetic.
  • Microneedling: A popular technique to stimulate collagen production, addressing fine lines and uneven skin texture.
Advanced Skin Treatments

At Med Aesthetics Miami, we blend unparalleled expertise with advanced skincare and aesthetics technology to curate a skincare journey tailored uniquely for you. Guided by Rosanna Bermejo, MBA MSN, FNP, our team offers an expansive array of treatments, ensuring your skin not only looks radiant but also embodies health from within. Our Promise is More Than Beauty!