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Skin Facials, Peels, The Skin Classic Treatment, and More

The Skin Classic is used to reduce blemishes, lesions, growths, and minor skin irregularities. Using a combination of high frequency currents, the Skin Classic can be used to treat skin tags, cherry angiomas, hyperpigmentation, milia, and several other types of skin irregularities.

The skin classic can be used on all skin types, with a very minor risk of unwanted complications. Because treatments work only on the epidermis, these are quick and safe.

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  • We offer oxygen, Swich, enzymes, microcurrent, peels, and masks as a standalone facial or to prepare the skin.
  • Get ready for an event in a safe manner, or simply sign up for a series of treatments for different conditions in an affordable and customizable manner.
  • Whether focusing on the muscles for an instant face lift, exfoliating the skin for a renewal and regeneration of the cells, or simply to boost cell turnover, circulation and oxygenation, there is always a place for these maintenance treatments that can extend the life of the more targeted ones.
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Can be combined with all facial procedures.

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