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Beautiful Skin Takes Time

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Many people come to our offices wanting to improve a visible skin condition immediately. While this approach works, I would like to introduce a slower but more effective method, whereby we first work with what’s causing it and then we improve the symptom. For example, some clients come to us with a dark spot on their face (hyperpigmentation). In the past, we would usually work that condition with a specific method, be it the e-matrix or a peel. However, we now want to look at it differently by determining the cause and stabilizing the skin. After we have done this, then we would proceed to fix the visible sign of whatever is going on.

Our skin is composed of different layers and cells that all communicate among themselves. The keratinocyte is the main cell that maintains communication with all the other ones. When any of the cells is not working well, then different things can happen. For example, if the keratinocyte can not deposit the pigment received from the melanocyte evenly throughout the skin, then we see the spots on our skin. While there are many reasons why a specific situation can happen, including hormonal reasons, beyond our control and impact as skin care specialists, if we can limit how they affect a specific cell on our skin, then we can stabilize the skin condition and have an influence on the future health of your skin

This is how we intend to approach skin care going forward. Last but not least, our plan includes recommending a specific cosmeceutical to apply at home for further treatment. Many clients view this as a way to make additional revenues. While it is true that many of these products are rather expensive, it is important to continue treatment at home. At the end you will obtain better results

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