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A Skin Consultation: Why or Why not?


Many of us when we go to a spa or center for preventive and maintenance skin treatments, do not go through a thorough skin evaluation. Those types of consultations are regularly done in the medical world when we go for an examination to treat or prevent disease, but not so much in the aesthetics world. However, comprehensive consultations can help us obtain information on a client’s history, lifestyle, preferences, and more. With this information in hand along with before & after pictures, roadmaps composed of both treatments at the office, and cosmeceuticals at home, can be designed to serve as a guide and to decide on a more accurate course of action which will ultimately lead to better results.

So how can we gather this information? Besides comprehensive questionnaires regarding lifestyle, history, and preferences in terms of dislike and likes; before & after pictures can serve as a great aide to compare and evaluate results. The use of diagnostic equipment allows us to gather crucial information. Finally, putting it all together will allow us to establish a more accurate action plan and maintenance routine.


Many times these action plans project many months and even years into the future. While these can depend on personal preferences and modalities used, adopting lighter, more superficial initial treatments is better. Depending on the skin reaction, these can be strengthened or repeated additional times. However, a conservative approach of less invasive to more invasive will allow for any corrections on the established road map after considering skin reactions and results.

So why are these not done more regularly? I believe that the answer to this is probably because of a lack of trust in its merits and in the qualifications of the person doing it. Ways to go around this is to choose specialists who are trained and certified in these procedures.

Starting with an evaluation is one of the most crucial steps in the diagnosis and treatment of skin conditions. With a road map in place, it is more likely to obtain skin that is soft, smooth, even-colored, and healthy that also keeps germs away, heals, protects, allows feeling of pleasure and pain, helps maintain our body temperature, and more.

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