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Those Pesky Little Veins…

No wonder there are so many sayings and love stories about blood in our veins, or phrases that use the veins to express our feelings (e.g. cold blooded)However, to many of us, all we can say is those pesky little veins. And the truth is that they can swell, itch, burn, tingle, cause aching and cramping, and more. Depending on the severity, they may reduce circulation, and produce discoloration and ulceration of the skin.

So what can cause spider veins? Is it from aging, obesity, pregnancy, trauma, or lifestyle. For example, nurses get them a lot because they stand and are on their feet for a very long time. However, it may also be that we have the genetic predisposition. Many times, by simply wearing compression stocking, the problem is solved. Losing weight can help ease the pressure on those valves; a low salt diet, to avoid water retention; or even propping up the legs to a level at or above that of the heart. If youre pregnant, try to sleep on your left and not on your back. Last, but not least, exercise can help us maintain our weight and our muscles toned so that they can flush all that blood. If none of that works, it may be time to get treatment. Treatment can be with sclerotherapy or laser; even surgery may be necessary. It should work very well, although if we dont solve the problem, they may come back.

So whenever you see a little spider on your leg, those pesky little veins are involvedAs always, if you have any questions, call Med Aesthetics Miami at 305-356-7402 or email us at As always, Our Promise Is More Than Beauty.

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