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Acne Treatment in Miami

Acne can be a stubborn skin condition to deal with. Need an acne treatment that really helps? At Med Aesthetics Miami we are experts using one of the most effective acne-fighting treatments available, the State of the Art GentleYag laser system. During the session, the GentleYag laser generates heat that reaches a temperature of 40-45 degrees Celsius. This heat destroys the acne-causing bacteria and helps control the amount of sebum (oil) produced by the sebaceous glands. The system uses powerful technology that has provided many acne patients with long-lasting results.

Most patients are recommended to receive one laser treatment every week for a month. Each session is typically completed between 30-45 minutes and there is minimal downtime associated with this treatment. Patients usually return to their regular routine the following day.

After four weeks, a Med Aesthetics skin specialist will reevaluate the condition of the skin and provide the patient with further acne treatments if necessary.

Benefits of the Med Aesthetics Acne Treatment:

  • A visible improvement after the first treatment
  • Minimal downtime and side effects after each session
  • Affordable GentleYag acne treatment packages
  • Clear, smooth-looking skin
  • An increased sense of confidence
  • Long-lasting results

Because some patients suffer from a more aggressive acne condition, we often combine the GentleYag laser treatments with peels and post-treatment skin care products to ensure the best results. Many patients have noticed a significant improvement after their first session and almost completely diminished signs of acne after 6 weeks.

The acne-fighting treatment is safe and effective for patients of all skin types, skin tones, and all ages. The strength of the GentleYag laser system can also be easily adjusted to a level that will target the acne on your unique skin tone without damaging the natural pigment.

Med Aesthetics Miami can help you gain the clean, beautiful skin you’ve always wanted, free from acne.

Call Med Aesthetics Miami today at (305) 356-7402 and book your first consultation now!

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