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Microcurrent or Botox

Med Aesthetics Miami is celebrating 12 years from when we provided treatment to our first client! During this process, we have strived to provide the best alternatives aligned with our mission. Slowly but surely, we started with laser hair removal to skin care to body contouring. And so microcurrent was one of them. I believe I have described it in a past blog, but to briefly refresh your memories, it is a treatment that mimics the electrical signals of the muscles (hence microcurrent), and in the process it provides a better circulation and oxygenation of our skin, resulting in collagen stimulation, tightening and lifting of the skin, and more. It is actually one of the few aesthetic treatments that works directly on the muscles.

Anyway, so what is my take on microcurrent versus botox? The comparison results from the fact that they both work on the muscles, yet they work in opposite ways. Botox is a neuromodulator that blocks the signals to the muscles to contract. Microcurrent works in the opposite way. Much like when we go to the gym, it stimulates the muscles to achieve its lifting and tightening effect.   Now, we are a free country and everyone has a point of view, but I prefer results that are aligned with what nature intended. True, botox has more instant effects and perfect results, but microcurrent will guarantee a refreshed, natural look, while as an added benefit, will simultaneously improve your skin in general.

The body is a beautiful equilibrium that once you alter a piece of it, a new balance is created. Working from the inside out has amazing results that can permeate to our body in general.

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