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Microcurrent vs Other Injectables

Med Aesthetics Miami is celebrating 12 years from when we provided treatment to our first client! During this process, we have strived to provide the best alternatives aligned with our mission. Slowly but surely, we started with laser hair removal to skincare to body contouring. And so microcurrent was one of them. I believe I have described it in a past blog, but to briefly refresh your memories, it is a treatment that mimics the electrical signals of the muscles (hence microcurrent), and in the process it provides better circulation and oxygenation of our skin, resulting in collagen stimulation, tightening and lifting of the skin, and more....

Nurse Aestheticians: Bridging The Gap Between Wellness and Medicine

As I spoke to a client, who happened to be a fellow aesthetician, about the changing field we deal with every day when a client opens our door, I realized it was time to write about our role in people’s lives as gatekeeper of their wellness goals. I say this because the soul of the medical field has changed, and many times a medical diagnosis results in quick prescriptions with treatment with steroids and antibiotics. As many of you know, some of these, treat the symptom and not the cause, and can be toxic to your body. There’s a lot to be gained by adopting a holistic, preventive...

Antioxidants: Helping Our Bodies

As I continue expanding on the skincare revolution, today, I decided to focus on antioxidants. A lot is known about them and their role in many functions of our bodies. Most notably, antioxidants are known for their help protecting our bodies from free radicals. They do this by giving off an electron that will attach to the free radical chain, thus breaking the reaction. They come in different forms from vitamins, minerals, amino acids, hormones to enzymes. For example, a few nights ago I was extremely tired and took some melatonin. I ended up sleeping about eight hours straight, more than my usual six. I also gave...

How Does Healing After A Treatment Affect The Results?

Many of the new skin tightening technologies create a wound in the skin that provokes for the tissue to be then healed resulting in new collagen and rejuvenation of the skin. This “injury” can be accomplished through chemicals, as in the case of a peel, through heat as with lasers and radio frequency devices, or, as in the case of microneedle and microdermabrasion, with the help of equipment directly on the skin. Many question its effectiveness alleging that whenever you apply heat, you will shrink the tissue and it’s the shrinking that causes the tightening effect, not the production of new collagen; or that the effect of...