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Why Personalized Care?

At Med Aesthetics Miami, we pride in our customized and personalized care approach to skincare. But what really is a personalized approach? Many use these words to the point that it could sound cliche. However, personalization of an approach is very important to get the best possible treatment outcomes. Not everybody is the same and not everybody responds the same to treatment. Therefore, catering a treatment to a person’s skin is of utmost importance.

How do you personalize a treatment? Well the first step is the consultation. Having a thorough and extensive consultation is key. It is during this discussion that a provider understands the causes, and reactions of a particular client. Usually, a client knows what is behind the current state of the skin, and has many of the answers. By listening to the client, many answers can be obtained, as well as much needed information on lifestyle that can affect the results. The other important variable to personalization is an experienced provider. Experience is key to perfecting everything, and this is no different in the case of skincare. Last but not least, regardless of the desired treatment path, preparing the skin first is essential. A skin that is ready and prepared, will always respond better to treatment, and this too needs to be accomplished with a personalized at-home skin care routine.

At Med Aesthetics Miami, we aim at personalizing all our treatments. As a result of our wholistic approach to skin care, we also recommend customized supplements so that the client can decide which ones should be added to a routine based on diet, and other lifestyle considerations. As always, for more information, please call Med Aesthetics Miami at 305-356-7402. Please remember “Our Promise Is More Than Beauty”.

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