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Trends in Skincare That Can Enhance Our Wellness…

Trends in Skincare That Can Enhance Our Wellness…

I have always seen April as a renovating, transitional month, during which we start focusing on our summer plans. Just like Spring blossoms are everywhere, it almost feels like people are reinvigorated in the Spring. At MedAesthetics Miami, it is no different. During Spring, we start getting our clients ready for the summer. We not only focus on getting a beach ready body, but maintaining the quality of our skin is also high on our list. Here in the Magic City, life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful. So what are some skincare trends that we could focus on?

We all know nutrition is important, but in my case, I have become a big believer that the right ingredients can nourish our skin and work wonders. Microbiome focused skincare is no exception. Microbiome focused skincare adds probiotics, among other, to the formula. While it is a new trend needing much more research, by focusing on the microbiome we can use our skin’s microbiota not only to heal from different conditions, but to maintain our skin. Another important trend is barrier repair skincare. Maskne is still very common and maintaining our barrier is now more important than ever. Last but not least, anti pollution and anti U/V damage skincare is also a rising trend. We not only spend much time in front of computers, but pollution is a growing concern. Ingredients that can fight oxidative stress are being researched for their effectiveness in maintaining our skin healthy and for their anti-cancer properties. We will discuss what ingredients on our next blog.

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