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The Role of Beauty in Our Lives…

The Role of Beauty in Our Lives…

As we all know, the last few years have been known because of all of the uncertainty in the environment. First, COVID, now inflationary concerns, which may result in increased fear of an impending recession. However, despite all of these realities, never before has taking care of ourselves become a priority and taken center stage as nowadays. 

Many people attribute these changes to the aftermath of COVID, which after all its drastic impact, made people realize how important it is to take care of ourselves. During the COVID isolation, we not only had the time, but faced the harsh reality of the disease, which invited introspection and resulted in a  heightened self-awareness, as priorities shifted. However, these shifts had already been happening. The Millennial’s way of thinking was quite different from that of past generations. In this sense, Millennials are more concerned with experiences, purpose, values, and choices. Other generations were instructed to believe that performance required hard work and discipline, which resulted in Millenials challenge of the status quo and preference for a more balanced lifestyle. Regardless of who is right, human evolution goes on, and I truly believe that the best is yet to come. This brings us to beauty as a fundamental human value.

While wellness and beauty have been around since the beginning of mankind, it is now more evident than ever that we are placing the value of taking care of oneself at the top of the list. Even the shift in the way we work, with the increase in zoom, has caused us to worry more about our appearances. This coupled with the advances in technology that are making wellness and beauty more feasible and accessible, is why I believe we are all now more able to appreciate and enjoy such trends. And while we are at it, as we commemorate skin cancer awareness month and the need to take care of ourselves, don’t forget to wear your sunblock! 

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