The Connected Disconnectedness

The Connected Disconnectedness

With the advent of Facebook and social media, bridges have been created that allow us to connect more than ever with our family and loved ones. While that is not their exclusive purpose, since as we know social media is also used for other reasons; that’s at least how Facebook started. And yes, it’s a magnificent tool that allows us to see the picture of our baby’s first step from another city, but in some bizarre manner, and for some reason that I’m not able to clearly define, we are more disconnected than ever despite this increased ability to remain connected. Specifically, I refer to the fact that we now spend less time than ever with our friends and family. Distance and busy schedules are partly to blame, but yes many of our lives are lonelier than before. I call this the connected disconnectedness.

And just like as a society we are part of a whole, our skin is comprised of many cells that communicate among each other to execute the many functions required for our survival. Our skin is a jungle of cells: keratinocytes, melanocytes, langerhans cells, fibroblasts and more. This magical system is efficient thanks to the capacity of each cell to communicate properly and to function smoothly. In this sense, the melanocyte is susceptible to essential fatty acid deficiency, which will cause the dendrites to be malformed, resulting in the dendrites being shorter or longer than they should be, and in uneven dispersion of pigment; when the keratinocytes don’t shed and maintain homeostasis, the skin’s barrier function is disrupted; when the fibroblasts don’t work well, our production of collagen needed to maintain strong connective tissue is affected as well as our ability to heal; and when our dermal papillae no longer supports our skin as expected, there is a resulting loss of contouring and a smaller surface area to nourish the epidermis. Our ability to function as a system and the cells’ ability to communicate with each other is vital to our existence. Many factors can influence this, such as nutrition, stress, sleep, among others; but that is beyond the scope of today’s blog. The fact is that our cells are connected…

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