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Skin Pigmentation

General Care

Ladies, To those of you who wear perfume in their neck and decolletage, try applying it somewhere else. The perfume, when exposed to sunlight, may cause skin pigmentation. I have a brown spot on the left sife of my face! Well… I’m probably not alone, because uneven complexion is one of the main complaints people have about their face. Discolorations and textural irregularities can steal the brightness of your face away …

Sun worshipers, beware. Put a translucent powder with SPF 30 and touch up throughout the day to maintain sun protection. Probably the best way to strengthen brittle nails is with nail polish. Be ware of nail hardeners based on formaldehyde, which can indeed make the nails more brittle.

Also, don’t forget nothing replaces a good diet:
Protein and Biotin, which is found in egg whites, can improve your nails. Finally, if you are using a moisturizer for your nails, pick one with lactic acid and urea in small concentrations.


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