Embracing Fear

Embracing Fear

After the scare of Hurricane Dorian and the impact it had on us, despite it not hitting us directly, I kept thinking about fear. The newspapers just started raising the alarm a week before the storm was meant to hit. There was no water, no gas, and the city simply slowed down; but not only that week, even the week after. And the truth is that fear has a real message for us. Yes, the uncertainty and insecurity can stress us a lot, but the message, if viewed positively, can thrust us into a new path and experience. If misinterpreted, it can keep us stuck.

Here at the office, we can feel people’s fear. Whether it’s the fear of the potential pain from a laser treatment or simply accumulated fear from personal life experiences, or simply stress in our daily life, the fear can be palpable. And while it’s easy to say relax, in a moment of stress, this is not always well received. So our recommendation is to create a daily ritual to help us calm down, which would include not only daily meditation, but an organization of the tasks at hand the day before. By organizing our lives, and calming our minds, we can get a sense of some control of our lives. While life can’t be controlled, the feeling of limited control is enough to tranquilize us and allow us experience what is meant to be experienced. This calmness then transpires from the inside making us more beautiful in the outside and opening us to new opportunities.

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