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6 Natural Oils That Can Work Wonders for Your Skin

Tea Tree and Coconut Oil

In this blog-serie about Natural Oils I want to share with you these wonderful oils with incredible effects that will help your skin to treat naturally Acne, Dry Skin, Discoloration as well as Fine lines and Wrinkles.

Typically if we hear the word “oil” and the word “skin” together in the same sentence, we run away screaming. After all, weren’t we always told that oily skin causes acne? Or that dry skin always needs an oil free moisturizer? Or that aging skin should only use particular creams? From where have all of these silly skin care myths come? The truth is, natural oils do not cause oily skin or clog pores. In fact, dermatologist Dr. Neal Schultz says that natural oils “mimic your skin’s sebum and help lubricate, protect, and hold in moisture.” If these oils help our skin to do what it does naturally, why have we been avoiding them like the plague? Read on to find out more about what oils work perfectly with your skin type.

Tea Tree Oil

Treats: Acne

Tea tree oil comes from a plant native to Australia and can be found in health food stores as well as online. Tea tree oil can kill bacteria, and so it is used to treat acne as it destroys the bacteria that help to create acne. Tea tree oil is a natural alternative to treating acne compared to the synthetic products typically bought from the store. Not only is tea tree oil a natural oil in and of itself, it won’t strip your skin of its own natural oils the way that other acne products will.

Coconut Oil

Treats: Dry Skin

Coconut oil may sound familiar to you only as something you have used when your lips or other skin area has been chapped. Although it helps to quickly heal and rehydrate chapped areas, coconut oil can do wonders for dry skin in general. A study was done recently on a group of individuals that suffer from a skin condition that affects their skin’s ability to retain water (atopic dermatitis). These individuals were told to rub coconut oil on themselves each morning and evening—and nothing else—for 8 weeks. After those 8 weeks, it was observed that the coconut oil group’s skin had a much greater ability to retain water than it did before. Regardless of whether you have a skin condition that causes dry skin or not, water retention decreases with age, so slathering yourself with coconut oil could be a very good habit to get into.


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