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Oils Work Perfectly with your Skin Type


I bet you never knew the incredible effects that using oil on your skin could have. Most of these oils work well on all skin types, but for the best effects, be sure to look for the ones that help your skin type the most.

Jojoba Oil

Treats: Aging Skin

Jojoba (pronounced ho-ho-ba) oil is not technically an oil—it’s actually a liquid wax ester that is similar to sebum, one of our own natural skin oils. Since it is so close to something our skin produces naturally, it has incredible effects on our skin. It balances out oil production, allowing this to be a safe oil for those with oily skin and prone to breakouts.

However, it is also a great oil for those with dry or aging skin because those two skin types tend not to produce as much sebum. Jojoba oil also helps to prevent moisture loss as well as calm down red, irritated skin.

Marula Oil

Treats: Aging Skin

Although Marula oil has been used by women in Kenya for centuries, it is still relatively new in the universal skin care world. Marula oil is one of the best oils out there right now. This oil is used for aging skin because it is stocked full of essential fatty acids as well as other antioxidants. It also contains a good amount of healthy vitamins that helps to rejuvenate aging skin as well as protect against environmental stresses and free radical damage.

Marula Oil softens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles that have made their way onto the face over the years, and revitalizes your complexion. Marula oil is known to help reverse signs of sun damage to the skin, as well. This oil can be used on any skin type all year round—either by itself or added into existing beauty products.