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Wellness and Beauty Is For All

Wellness and Beauty Is For All

Welcome to my blog! In this blog, I write about topics that we, at Med Aesthetics Miami, experience every day. Today I wanted to write about the different voices that we encounter at the office. Together these represent the diversity of opinions that are molding the social climate in the country. On the one hand, many women are still feeling that gender inequality is a big issue despite evidence, such as a study published in 2018 in the Harvard Business Review, demonstrating that on average the sexes are more similar in their inclinations, attitudes, and skills than popular opinion believes. Regardless, these women believe that men have the majority of the social power. On the other hand, others have been questioning the future of American men, who seem to be struggling in the classroom, with the top ranks by GPA held by women. Some are concerned about the isolation of males resulting from the divorce rates, COVID, work from home, among other reasons; which when coupled by the fact that many men have not been taught coping skills because these can be unmanly, results in an increase in depression rates among these. These believe that males have lost a sense of purpose triggered by the diminished importance that physical strength has as a factor to make ends meet, and by the changing role that the women’s revolution has brought about. There is also increased awareness and equality regarding gender fluid and non-binary individuals, with education being the main driving force. Last but not least, some believe women should be more involved in the balance of power to make this world more peaceful. 

At Med Aesthetics Miami, we believe in balance and welcome the diversity of opinions.  We believe that whether you are looking for laser hair removal, skincare, or body contouring services, the right to feel good about ourselves is a universal right. Regardless of how all these voices shape our social landscape, we maintain our promise to all our clients to equally deliver treatments to the best of our ability. “Our promise is more than beauty.” Should you wish to contact us, please do so at 305-356-7402.