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Gentle YAG Candela

The Gentle YAG Laser by Candela: Laser Hair Removal

Gentle YAG is one of the technologies we use for laser hair removal at Med Aesthetics Miami.

In the realm of aesthetic treatments, technology keeps evolving, making procedures safer, more efficient, and often more comfortable for patients. Among the front-runners in laser technology is Candela, a brand synonymous with innovation and quality. One of its standout devices is the GentleYAG laser, particularly renowned for its prowess in laser hair removal.

What makes the Gentle YAG stand out? The GentleYAG laser, as the name suggests, uses a Nd:YAG laser with a wavelength of 1064 nm. This longer wavelength allows the laser to penetrate deeper into the skin, targeting the hair follicles more effectively. A distinctive advantage of GentleYAG is its ability to cater to a broader range of skin tones, including darker complexions, which historically have been challenging to treat without risk of hyperpigmentation. Also, because it reached deep in the skin it is highly effective with ingrown hairs.

Gentle YAG vs. Soprano Ice: These are the two technologies that we use for our Laser Hair Removal Treatments in Miami. While both devices are stellar in their own right and can be used on all skin types, there are instances in which we prefer one over the other:

  1. Wavelengths: As discussed, the Gentle YAG uses a 1064 nm wavelength, while the Soprano Ice, on the other hand, employs a diode laser technology. They can both be used on all skin types, as mentioned above.
  2. Cooling Mechanisms: The Soprano Ice is known for its cooling mechanism, which helps in reducing discomfort during treatments. GentleYAG, meanwhile, uses a dynamic cooling device that emits a burst of cryogen before each laser pulse. The Soprano is repeated multiple times in an area at lower energy levels, whereas the Candela is applied one spot at a time only one time at higher energy levels. They are both highly effective, but individuals have different preferences.
  3. Treatment Speed: While both lasers offer rapid treatment times, the Soprano Ice often boasts quicker sessions because of its larger treatment head, but regardless they are both efficient.

How many sessions will I need with the Gentle YAG for complete hair removal?

Typically, patients require between 6-10 sessions spaced a month apart, but this can vary based on the hair’s thickness, color, and the treatment area.

Can I resume my regular activities after a Gentle YAG session?

Yes, the GentleYAG procedure has minimal to no downtime. However, it’s advised to avoid direct sun exposure and rigorous activities for 24 hours post-treatment.

Is the Treatment Safe?

Absolutely! When used by trained and certified professionals, the GentleYAG laser by Candela is considered a safe method for laser hair removal. Here’s a deeper dive into its safety profile:

FDA Approval: One of the major reassurances about the Gentle YAG is that it’s approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for hair removal. This means it has undergone rigorous testing to determine its safety and efficacy.

Skin Types: The GentleYAG is particularly lauded for its ability to treat a variety of skin types, including darker complexions. Historically, people with darker skin tones faced challenges with laser hair removal because of the potential risk of burns or hyperpigmentation. However, the longer wavelength of the Gentle YAG makes it a safer choice for a wider range of skin tones.

Post-Treatment Care: After a Gentle YAG session, patients might experience temporary redness or swelling in the treated area. This is a normal reaction and usually subsides within hours. To ensure safety and optimal results, patients are advised to follow post-treatment guidelines such as avoiding sun exposure and applying sunscreen diligently.

Why Choose Med Aesthetics Miami for your Gentle YAG Treatment?

When it comes to laser treatments, the expertise of the practitioner is just as crucial as the technology itself. At Med Aesthetics Miami, you’re not only benefitting from state-of-the-art devices like the Gentle YAG but also from a team of seasoned professionals dedicated to ensuring your safety and achieving the best possible results. Entrust your aesthetic journey with Med Aesthetics Miami. Our promise is more than beauty.

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