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Health and Wellness Is a Priority

Health and Wellness Is a Priority

As part of my commitment to my career, I decided to undertake a degree as a Family Nurse Practitioner. Nurses are now revolutionizing the world of medicine. The nursing process brings much value added to the patient-provider relationship. One of these benefits is the holistic approach. While in the past, a lot of the focus was on curing disease, we are now going one step beyond and focusing on preventing it through lifestyle decisions. In this sense, many have written about such an approach, which is having an important impact on staying healthy. Health promotion activities are quite broad. These range from managing nutrition, weight and body-mass index, glucose levels, quitting smoking, sleep, exercising, exposure to environmental contaminants, and many more.

While the new revolution has raised some sensitivities between nurses and physicians, I believe that when working as a team, is the best for our patients. Not only because of the holistic, evidence-based approach, but because of the scarcity of providers. Nurses are, too, filling a gap in the number of providers. In the case of skincare, there are many new innovations in the process that fall under health and wellness. For example, customized moisturizers from a person’s plasma, drinkable collagen, multivitamins, and more. The arsenal that we count on to stay well is more formidable than ever.

At Med Aesthetics Miami, we are part of this transformation. We are studying and researching all of these new developments with the goal of bringing those that are the best. Should you want to reach us, you can text or call us at 305-356-7402.