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Uneven Pigmentation In Our Bodies

While I was going to write about women’s month today, I decided to write about pigmentation in other parts of our bodies besides the face… And yes, as a woman, I enjoy all the congratulations, but deep down, congratulating me for being a woman is almost like congratulating me for being alive and being a person. Yes, I’ve worked hard and dealt with advantages and disadvantages, but I call that human. And yes there’s the break from work due to maternity leave, but there’s also the miracle of life; so when you congratulate me because you want to make something right that had not been acknowledged, I hate to disagree and tell you that it’s not necessary. I’ve always loved being in my skin…

Anyway, back to my topic. Uneven pigmentation can result in other areas of the body like the groin, underarms, among others. These many times result from trauma to the skin, such as in the case of wax, friction, tight clothes, but also hormones. And yes we can “bleach” it. Bleaching the skin is not adding a detergent, like when we do the laundry, it is basically exfoliating the skin with the use of a chemical peel. In my case, I prefer to repeat the treatment many times, as opposed to doing one intensive session. While these can have good results, dealing with what’s causing the unevenness is important to prevent it from happening again.  The peel that I use varies with the area of the body and the person, but there are many options to choose from. For best results, it is important to understand how that particular area reacts in terms of sensitivity and exfoliation.

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