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The Phases of Aging

The Phases of Aging

Our Teens

When I was in my teens, I used to look at the mirror and admire without ever imagining that the signs of aging could slowly appear in our faces. At that age, being 28 was already old. Regardless of the situation, I realized that those who took care of themselves at a young age, ended with a better appearance and complexion.

After realizing the importance of caring for ourselves at all ages, we would like to recommend a regime for our younger population. This age group is more prone to acne that others, so acne is at the top of our list. While laser acne treatments in Miami, as well as regular acne treatments in Miami are available, there are other measures that could be taken including a regular at home regime.

Below are our recommendations:

– Stop the use of abusive chemicals, and avoid unprotected sun exposure.

– Review diet and life habits, as well as the sources of stress.

– Eliminate foods with sugar, and add fruits and vegetables for fiber, vitamin A and vitamin C to our diets.

– Fats should not exceed 30% of total intake and should mostly consist of unsaturated fats.  Consume approximately 15 calories per pound per day, unless recommended otherwise.

– Avoid prolonged hot showers.

– A nightly facial regime should include a cleanser, followed by the proper topical cream, which could include vitamin A. In the morning, adopt a similar routine, but use vitamin C instead of vitamin A.

– Contact us for your professional program, which could include a combination of procedures from masks, peels, to cosmetic laser procedures in Miami.

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