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The Truth About Beauty

The Truth About Beauty

Mastering the Business of Aesthetics seminar!

This weekend I went to a seminar covering medical aesthetics. During the entire session, we learned techniques for skin rejuvenation and more. However, the greatest realization was that what we find beautiful is simply a means to guarantee our survival and spreading of our genes.

Some of the issues discussed that caught my attention follow:

1- As you know, the most prominent part of our face is our eyes. Wide eyes are a sign of youth by resembling how kids open their eyes.

2- People prefer light eyes. Why? Because we can see our pupils better. When a woman is attracted to a man, pupils can expand up to 8%. This subtle sign is something men like to subconsciously notice. Do not overdo work on the nasal-labial folds, focus on the eyes!

3- Too thick of an eyebrow is a sign of aggressiveness and increased testosterone.

4- Less makeup is better than more. More makeup is interpreted as trying to cover up unwanted genes, and seen as wanting to hide something.

5- Wide jaws are a sign of masculinity.

Any cosmetic laser treatment or skin tightening treatment in Miami should all be targeted to maintaining our natural look.

After all, nature knows best!