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The Disruption of Wellness and Aesthetics

What an intense week here in Miami, with the Art Basel walking museum that we just had. I just can’t have enough of the energy and beauty that surrounds all of Miami. One of the hot topics of the week was the banana sold for $120,000. And true, that’s outrageous!… but I do like the fact that the artist is trying to disrupt art and the way it is presented. And yes, disrupt is a word that’s in fashion lately. In this case, I can only interpret that the artist was trying to make a point that art is all around us. And it truly is… For us in the wellness and aesthetics fields, our goal is to improve and elevate the quality of life of those that come to us, much like art. As you know, how we look has a direct impact on how we feel. 

But going back to the disruption in motion mentioned above, I believe wellness and aesthetics are being disrupted too. Treatments have changed significantly from the very invasive surgical procedures that were once extremely expensive and accessible to a few, to minimally invasive procedures that when maintained with discipline and continuity, allow us to age gracefully and naturally. In part, this is only possible with the technological advancements that have been made, and the greater understanding of how the skin works. While there is a place in the world of aesthetics and wellness for all, from surgeries to facials; with a better understanding of how the skin works, we now have many options, when deciding how it is that we would like to age, that do not require surgery. People are looking to more natural alternatives with less downtime and risks. Furthermore, if we maintain a holistic approach where sleep, exercise, stress and what we eat are taken into account and prioritized, we can look our best for many years into the future.

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