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Men and Skin: The Reality

Now that Father’s Day is around the corner, I figured it would be important to discuss the differences between men and women’ skin. However, first I wanted to wish all fathers an exciting day, because let’s face it…their role in the lives of our children is critical, and we just want them to keep doing it! For many years, it has been taboo for a man to take care of his skin openly. Not too many years ago, my male clients’ would come to my office and ask me to keep it a secret. While some women did so too, the reasons were different. So what goes...

What Do Batman and The Current Crisis Have in Common?

I hope the title of this blog doesn’t shock anyone, given that I happen to be a Batman and Starwars movie lover. However, I don’t cease to compare the last Batman movie that I watched in which Gotham was being attacked by a fear gas, for which an antidote was needed. And I don’t want to sound naive, aloof, or insensitive, but while the current crisis is scary by itself, the fear factor surrounding it is exponentially worse. Yes, it will make people think and act hopefully with prudence, but lack of action also has its consequences. It can push people into depression, which is even worse;...

The Disruption of Wellness and Aesthetics

What an intense week here in Miami, with the Art Basel walking museum that we just had. I just can’t have enough of the energy and beauty that surrounds all of Miami. One of the hot topics of the week was the banana sold for $120,000. And true, that’s outrageous!… but I do like the fact that the artist is trying to disrupt art and the way it is presented. And yes, disrupt is a word that’s in fashion lately. In this case, I can only interpret that the artist was trying to make a point that art is all around us. And it truly is… For...