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Selecting Lasers (Part 2)


Given my previous write-up on lasers for hair removal, I wanted to continue with the discussion on treatment alternatives. This time, I wanted to expand to skin care. Because when it comes to skin rejuvenation there are many competing alternatives from peels, to radiofrequency, microneedling, lasers and more; it’s too much information to summarize in this blog today. My intention is to introduce the topic in order to expand on each modality in particular in a later section. Ultimately, the goal is to have an idea of each one and its distinct use.

Regarding lasers, we first need to understand how these work: basically they operate on the principle of selective photothermolyisis. Selective Photothermolysis makes sure that the equipment provides enough heat to destroy the target without harming the surrounding tissue.  The heat deposited would then stimulate collagen proliferation, resulting in thicker skin and wrinkle reduction. Some can even have a positive effect on hyperpigmentation.

In the case of radiofrequency, the device sends energy in the form of an electromagnetic field, which also heats the dermis causing skin tightening, scar reduction, collagen stimulation and more. Unlike lasers, radiofrequency devices emit nonspecific heat making it friendly to darker skin tones.  In other words, it is “color blind”.

Microcurrent is probably one of the few modalities that works directly on the muscle, and helps to increase circulation, resulting in an instant lifting effect and wrinkle reduction. Microcurrent is basically low level electrotherapy that emits a healing current to retrain the muscles.

An ultrasound creates soundwaves that are conducted to the skin tissues through a water-based gel. It has a thermal effect from heating the skin that results in collagen stimulation, while helping in wound repair. It can reduce inflammation and swelling.

Our final category on the blog today is the LED light, which is a mild form of light therapy. It does not produce heat, making it very safe and comfortable. The blue light is used to treat acne, the red light is used to reduce inflammation, and the yellow-to-orange range is used for skin tightening and collagen stimulation.

In our next blogs we will continue the discussion above and expand into some other modalities, such as microneedling, peels and more. As usual, if you have any questions, please contact us at

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