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Our Skin and Epigenetics

In this competitive world, where much is determined by how we look, many people love a face that is well taken care of. So when they notice one and after the initial comment of “Your Skin Looks Great”, comes the question: “Have you always had good skin; is it in your genes?” … and the answer is: to an extent, but of course, there’s no substitute for taking care of your skin. Some believe that epigenetics or changes in gene expression not resulting from DNA instructions, is responsible for about 65% of longevity; whereas the remaining 35% is determined by those instructions mentioned above. In other words, gene expression is influenced by other factors in addition to DNA instructions, such as our environment, exposure to ultraviolet rays, cosmeceuticals, exercise, treatments, diet, meditation and stress, smoking, pollution, our microbiome, medications and disease, and more (the typical nature versus nurture debate).

This is really good news because that means that skin renewal and regeneration can be influenced by the correct cosmeceuticals, which takes me back to my previous blog on “The Skin Care Revolution”. The products that we apply to our face can help our skin’s function in terms of hydration, protection, response to stress, repair mechanisms, immune response and aging in general. Thanks to recent developments we may have more control, than what we would like to be responsible for, of our skin and aging process in general. In other words, the reasons for using that sunscreen and applying that right product to our face are now stronger than ever.

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