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High Performance Skin Care

This weekend, because of the rain, I didn’t have many alternatives for exercising, so I decided to go to Soul Cycle. What a great workout it was! As I was working out, listening to the music in the background, the trainer started talking about high performance. And yes, high performance is addictive, specially in this culture, as a world power that we are. This is in opposition to other cultures, who are at the other extreme, where you work to live, and are expected to be happy with what “God gave you”. I’m sure we can all find our happy balance. 

Well, I compare this to skin care. Many of my clients come complaining about acne, or wrinkles, or maybe that they have a cold and are feeling like if they aged all of a sudden. As a result, they embark in a high performance routine thinking that more is better. By high performance, I mean, for example, washing your face excessively during an acne breakout coupled by very strong ingredients and medications; starting botox and fillers at a very young age; etc. I personally, believe that a gradual incremental approach works better. In this respect, I like Dr. Des Fernandes’ philosophy, because I find it simple, yet you can gradually add to it according to your needs. He attributes many of the issues affecting the skin to lack of Vitamin A. That is not to say other ingredients can be necessary as well, but a healthy dose of vitamin A is the first baby step for adequate skincare. The reason is that it governs the DNA of the cells. By replenishing our skin with its Vitamin A requirements, we can enjoy healthy skin for many years to come. 

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