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Celebrating The Evolution Of Skin Care

Celebrating The Evolution Of Skin Care

So how does this correlate to skin care? Well, I am just amazed at how much skincare has evolved through the years. While Cleopatra will always be famous for her milk baths, we now have many more options as we enter an age where, with discipline and consistency, we can stay fit, as we look and feel good for many years. 

For me this is important, because even as we admire youth, as we should, there are many qualities that are sharpened as we age. SO why can’t we also admire age? Why can’t we commit to staying fit through the years? I have heard many of my clients say they wish to revert the clock, yet with their current accumulated experience; but that’s only when we see age as a total decline in who we are, as opposed to the evolution of a process or path. Many of the empty nesters speak with nostalgia about their kids leaving, and while the relationship has definitely changed, and yes we will miss the kids terribly, specially if they have left for college, to me this is the perfect time to check those items off our to-do lists that we always wanted to check, as we open up to new opportunities, and new ways to create and enjoy our lives. And that’s why I’m so excited about all the new skincare technology and possibilities, since they allow me to look good, which helps me feel better, and keep my mind in the right place as the years pass by.

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