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Don’t Just Fight Wrinkles, Tighten Your Skin


Although wrinkles can be a telltale sign of aging, it’s not the only sign. The number one indicator that your skin is aging is loosening. As we get older, the amount of oil that our skin produces begins to decrease, resulting in drier and looser skin.

Although it’s simply a fact of life, loose skin still makes us look—and, as a result, feel—much older. This is the point when we run to the store, pulling any product off the shelf that has remotely anything to do with “anti-aging.”

However, many anti-aging creams tend to only fight wrinkles. This helps in one way—it smooths out your wrinkles, but it doesn’t tighten your skin, leaving you feeling helpless, hopeless, and old.

The next time you’re at the store, pay attention to the labels. Don’t grab anything that only mentions wrinkles. You need a cream or serum that is specifically for “anti-aging.” These types of treatments will tighten and firm your skin, as well as help to tone the underlying muscles.

Another thing to remember is to stay away from any products that advertise “artificial collagen.” Instead, you want products that contain DMAE and Ubiquinone. These will help your body to produce real collagen, resulting in longer lasting effects. The effects of artificial collagen are only short term and it won’t take long before your skin is right back to where it used to be.

However, if creams don’t seem to work for you, one treatment method to keep in mind is skin tightening by laser. We offer a laser skin treatment that will help to smooth out wrinkles as well as improve overall facial skin topography.

If your wrinkles and loose skin have gotten you down, there are ways to fight back and tighten your skin! 

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