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The Sun is the Primary Cause of Aging

The Sun is the Primary Cause of Aging



The battle against aging is a concept as ancient as the extinction of dinosaurs. At some point, we all come to terms with the fact that we will grow old but we will do so gracefully. There are preventative measures we can take to ensure that our skin continues to appear youthful and the most significant of all is protecting ourselves from the sun.

As the summer comes to end and we begin to prepare for winter, our skin is most likely recovering from all the sunny days we spent outdoors. The sun damage our skin experiences can be as lasting as all the memories you made throughout the summer but the damaging effects are not a result of a few days out in the sunlight, rather prolonged periods of excessive sun exposure.

Although they are signs of deterioration beneath the epidermis, some of us welcome the cute freckles that appear after a fun beach day. Others aren’t as fortuitous; heavy sun exposure has proven to destroy the collagen tissue and the elasticity of your skin, which is one of the causes of wrinkles and sagging skin. With increased dehydration from the sun, those wrinkles become more pronounced. Both, freckles and wrinkles indicate that your skin is becoming weak and more prone to Sunspots, Melasma or Lentigo. These are not just aging spots but skin conditions that can potentially lead to serious forms of skin cancer.

Prevent the damage from without

Incorporate skin rituals and habits that can help you prevent your skin from suffering from long-term damage. Sun block and moisturizers are vital to keep your skin from drying out. Don’t let impurities sit on the epidermis for too long, cleanse and gently exfoliate your skin regularly. When the fall season begins, invest in rejuvenating procedures like peels to rid the skin of dead cells and make space for new, healthy cells.

Prevent skin complications from within

Our over-all wellness includes caring for health and being that toxins are released through our pores, what we ingest is just as important as the products you spread all over your body. It’s crucial to drink plenty of water, especially during the summer to prevent dehydration. Eat well and find meals that are rich in vitamin A and C.