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What Should be Discussed During a Laser Hair Removal Consultation?

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Laser hair removal is a serious procedure that should always be performed by certified professionals. As a professional, there are certain subjects that should always be discussed during the initial consultation with a client who’s interested in laser hair removal treatment. Everything from understanding a client’s needs to evaluating the skin’s tone, type or even condition is an important factor in the successful of a patient’s laser hair removal process.

It goes without saying that every client has his or her own unique skin characteristics – meaning, every procedure will be different from the other. A client should always be granted the opportunity to express what his or her ultimate aesthetic goals are so that both the treatment provider and the client are aware of the general expectations.

The initial conversation should be followed by an examination of the patient’s skin and an explanation of the assessment to help the client understand what laser devices and techniques are available for safe treatment. While evaluating the skin, be sure to note if the patient has any tattoos or lesions, as those areas should always be avoided during any procedure.

The assessment will also provide the client with an estimated amount of treatments required for optimal results. An average of 4 – 6 treatments are usually suggested but 5 – 10 are highly recommended for darker skin tones.

Providing the client with some insight on prior successful treatments will allow them to properly prepare for treatment commencement. Be sure to give clients any specific instructions their skin may require upon preparing for each treatment. Instructions such as avoiding direct exposure to the sun which includes any form of tanning; also avoiding any tweezing or waxing for a minimum of six weeks prior to the first laser hair removal and throughout the remainder of all treatments.

Above all, always ensure that your client understands that they are in the hands of an aesthetics professional who undoubtedly practices safe and efficient laser hair removal procedures.


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