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Laser Treatment for Different Skin Types

Laser Treatment for Different Skin Types

Laser treatments have become one of the top preferred techniques in aesthetic medicine. Now, more than ever, patients are taking advantage of the incredible results that laser treatments provide but for some – misleading reputations about the technology have hindered their optimism.

When the laser trend had its first debut, laser technicians were not properly trained to administer the procedures on patients with darker skin tones, leaving them with unappealing damaged skin. By darker skin tones, we mean those with an olive, brown, dark brown or black skin tone. Since then, not only are estheticians more qualified but advances in the laser technology have made it less likely for skin damage to occur while performing the safe and effective treatments.

How? You ask. Laser treatment in simple terms, is a light based technology that converts to heat when it reaches its target. That heat produced by the technology is what penetrates the skin and helps fight certain skin conditions like acne. When cosmetic laser treatments were first approved, the technology was developed with a limited amount of laser light wavelengths that would only be able to target lighter skin tones. Now, the laser devices have the ability to produce various different laser wavelengths in order to travel through the darker skin tones and penetrate the desired depth of the epidermis.

The devices perform this on their own. A certified esthetician must evaluate the skin type and check for sensitive, as well as determine which wavelength will safely but effectively treat the skin. For the most part, a small section of the skin is tested first and given a few days to ensure there are no adverse reactions. This is especially crucial to patients with darker skin tones to avoid an visible damage from burning or scarring.

Before any procedures, you should always do a little research to find a reputable and trustworthy aesthetic center with experienced estheticians.