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Treating Skin of Color…

With 2019 full speed ahead, and now that “Diversity” is more than a fact of life, but a trend, I thought I would write about treating skin of color. The reason that I say diversity is a trend, is because to me, it is awareness that is increasing, since diversity has always existed. The influence that different ethnic groups and cultures have had over each other has always been present. It is true that mixed ethnicities are more prevalent, which is important when treating skin of color…

The closer to the equator the darker the skin, and the further north the lighter the skin. This is because of the skin’s ability to tan, or the minimal melanogenic dose, which refers to our ability to accumulate melanin. We can accumulate melanin for a long time after sun exposure as a response mechanism to protect our skin and its DNA from the harmful UV radiation. 

Knowing the skin’s ability to tan is key in determining the correct treatment pathway. The greater the chance of the skin having the ability to tan, the higher the risk for pigmentation. With mixed ethnicities, we use diagnostic equipment to help us determine each person’s photo type and measure accumulated melanin with high accuracy. For example, under True UV or Black light (Woods) we can detect the hidden Ephelides (Freckles) that are an indicator of the red hair gene, which increases a person’s propensity to skin cancer. A careful analysis and classification of the skin is required for successful treatment outcomes.

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