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The Skin Care Revolution

The Skin Care Revolution

One of the reasons I love what I do, is because the only constant is change and innovation. Of course there are many other reasons, but following the trends in skincare is no easy task. Looking for the best product, or the next life changing treatment in order to bring the best to our clients forces me to remain at the forefront of what’s out there, as well as up-to-date on the latest research and more. 

Well not surprisingly, many new products are revolutionizing skincare. Words such as peptides, probiotics, growth factors, liquid collagen, super fruits, and stem cells are all around us. How do we know which are real and which aren’t. Well, not all of them have been backed by substantial research and experience, but the good news is that the prospects for healthy skin are fabulous and beyond what could have been expected many years ago. While I do not believe that there is a one size fits all solution, they each can have their place and benefits. Knowing when to apply each one are key to having fantastic results. 

Distinguishing between fad and fact is key. For example, not all stem cells are equal. Many products contain vegetable based stem cells, whereas others are based on human ones. Is it possible that vegetable based stem cells have the same effect as those based on human tissue? While I am not behind the actual production, everything I read points to a solid NO.

In the next few blogs, I will be writing about these new products. Stay tuned for more information. Call us with your questions at 305-356-7402. And remember, “Our Promise Is More Than Beauty”.