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Where Did Those Spider Veins Come From?

Many people are upset about the appearance of varicose and spider veins. Many times, these veins are formed by weak or damaged valves in the body. These valves usually prevent blood from flowing backward as it goes through your legs on its way to the heart. When they are not functioning well, blood can collect in the veins. In addition, exposure to the sun, hormone changes, and injuries can all cause these little veins.

Some other factors that increase the possibility of these veins showing up are age, heredity, standing for long, sitting for long, and crossing your legs (lack of movement as discussed last week), obesity, pregnancy, and sun exposure, among others.

While there are different alternatives to treat these little spider veins, if their appearance, itchiness, or burning sensation bothers you, or if you don’t want to continue wearing compression stockings, laser spider vein removal can help. It is a rather quick procedure that works well with the smaller veins. Usually, 2-5 sessions are needed. We can help with your cosmetic laser procedures in Miami just contact us at 305-356-7402.

You can learn more about Spider Vein Treatment or Sclerotherapy here.