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Rarely it has happened that a client undergoing a cosmetic laser procedure in Miami, laser skin tightening in Miami, or skin rejuvenation will notice irregularities on their skin after the treatment.

While these are not caused by the procedure, these can be uncovered by it, which is a positive awareness for the client. There are many skin disorders that we will be discussing, but our topic for today is Melanomas.

Melanomas are derived from melanocytes. When these cancerous lesions have a high potential for invasion and metastasis, these are classified as malignant. They usually occur in sun-exposed areas, but can also occur anywhere in the body, including the eyes! However, even if these occur in non-exposed areas, they are usually linked to sun exposure and childhood burns. It occurs more frequently in Whites than African-Americans; while rare in puberty, it can occur at any time in life; both men and women are equally affected. Finally, there is a sexual and racial difference in the distribution of lesions. That is, these appear in different areas of the body. Following are the ABC’s of Melanomas:

A- Asymmetry. While common moles are round, early melanomas are asymmetrical.

B- Border. Look for uneven notches or even scalloped borders. Moles have smoother edges. Sometimes there are other lesions close by.

C- Color. Melanomas can have a variety of colors from brown and tan to blue, red, and white mixtures, and half tones of pink purple and gray. Moles usually have a single shade.

D- Diameter. If the moles grow larger than a pencil eraser or a quarter of an inch, it is time to check them.

Consult your physician when in doubt; but remember, there are many tools that you can use in your fight against this disease, including wearing sunscreen regularly. The best sunscreens have zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.

Information is the best defense!


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