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Saving Your Skin From Pollution

Did you know that according to some sources pollution kills more people than HIV and malaria, and has been linked to lung, heart disease, and strokes? Their analysis is based on the fact that traffic pollution contains nanoparticles that can penetrate the skin with nitrogen dioxide, linked to cancer. Furthermore, these can cause wrinkles, irritate our skin, and result in a breakdown of our skin barrier. And while we think our homes are free from pollution, we can also be exposed to dust mites, pollen, pet dander, mold, radon, allergens, carbon dioxide and more. While I did not do the research myself, it does make sense that...


In today’s business landscape, it’s easy to lose sight of your destination and start looking at what others are doing. This translates from trying to be present in your work to looking at your competitors and worrying about what they’re doing. Well, in my case, I like to think that I can only provide my best results when I use my talents to the max and when I believe in what I do. In other words, by being the best I can be, I not only provide a better service to my clients, but I am more at peace and fulfilled with myself. This alignment is simply...