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Vitamin A Based Cosmeceuticals- Why?

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Vitamin A Based Cosmeceuticals- Why?

MED AestheticsEvery day when I wake up, I organize my to do list and write down my priorities and activities for the day and beyond. I make sure I have gas in my car, I pay my electricity bills, I buy food, and so on. However, it was not until a few years ago that I seriously started taking care of my skin. In other words, I began putting quality products on my skin, eating the right ingredients, exercising, and so on to produce beautiful healthy skin throughout my life.

Of all the ingredients that my skin factory needs, Vitamin A is the magical secret needed to improve it and keep it healthy. Vitamin A is crucial to your skin factory from its raw material to much more. Without Vitamin A in large quantities, your skin will age, because low doses will mostly satisfy the needs of your internal organs without reaching the skin.

Important molecules like Vitamin A require special gates to enter the cells, which tend to disappear with sunlight. However Vitamin A is the stimulus needed to make more gates. With time, lines and wrinkles, as well as photo damage are all improved with the continuous and appropriate use of Vitamin A. Vitamin A rich skin makes it really hard for cancer to take hold of it. It also helps with psoriasis, acne, and more. Scarred for life is no longer a predicament.

So how do we apply it? Initially, your skin should receive low doses of Vitamin A to help normalize it and then go on to higher doses as it gets used to it. The reason for this is that damaged skin loses its ability to use the vitamin A normally. That’s why initial accumulation of vitamin A can cause irritation. For more information, call Med Aesthetics Miami at 305-356-7402…or at www.medaestheticsmiami.com.