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More about Radiofrequency in Cosmetic Dermatology


With the recent emergence of the novel nonablative lasers and radiofrequency skin technology, many studies have been done in order to test the effectiveness and safety of these treatments against our skin. You’ve already read about the nonablative radiofrequency (RF) treatment, but there’s another new procedure that combines RF with a laser device. This new treatment is designed to specifically target skin laxity and wrinkles.

The RF and laser device was tested on a group of 20 patients with varying skin types, although all reported mild to moderate skin laxity and facial wrinkles. Each patient received three treatments at three-week intervals using the system in an attempt to see how well the treatment works. Skin improvement was assessed by independent experts after each treatment.

If you’ve been unhappy with your skin laxity or wrinkles, the RF and laser system could very well be a possibility for you. After the trial period, a majority of the patients received modest improvement throughout their facial wrinkles and skin laxity. There was little to no downtime and side effects were limited to small amounts of redness and swelling. The procedure itself is noninvasive and was easily tolerated by all of the patients.

The study concluded that the RF and laser are safe and effective on all skin types. All patients that participated in the trial period were satisfied with the results of their treatment and if you choose to undergo RF and laser treatment, you too could have a smoother and younger looking complexion. If you want to know more visit our Skin Tightening Procedure page and you’ll find more information.

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