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Glycation Sounds Complicated…What Is It?

Glycation Sounds Complicated…What Is It?

As I was deciding about what to write today, I thought of glycation. And yes, while we are in the Holiday Season, and having written about ways to enjoy the holidays without worrying too much about those carbs, today I write about the other side of the coin: Glycation…(too much sugar)

Glycation usually happens when excess sugar causes covalent bonding between a sugar molecule and a protein or lipid molecule, but without the controlling action of an enzyme so that these protein molecules cross-link with sugar molecules resulting in new sugar proteins. Because our bodies do not recognize these new molecules, antibodies are created causing inflammation in the skin. Glycation is many times the result of lifestyle (drinking, smoking, sun exposure), and health choices.

When you see very wrinkled and lax skin, it usually is a result of a structural breakdown. Too much glycation may affect the type of collagen you can build and as a consequence affect your skin’s resistance to wrinkling.
So what can we do, aside from eating properly and making the right diet choices?  There are some supplements, such as alpha lipoic acid and some derivatives of vitamin B6, and vitamin B1 that can help. Anti inflammatory ingredients and hydrating ingredients on your skin are a must, such as hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, green tea, and jojoba oil. Treatments should aim at reducing inflammation. A series of treatments may be better than a single deep one. Hydration facials, enzymes and certain cream based peels could be appropriate.

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