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Essential Oils

Essential Oils

There has been much debate about the validity of the magic of essential oils. The conclusion is that in humans, odors are related to not only food and sexual activity, but to social and psychological well-being. With respect to health, exposure to unpleasant odors will not only decrease productivity on the job, but will also increase the illness rate.

The body’s response to an odor is extremely complex, and evidence does not substantiate whether it is a result of a direct chemical effect or of simply a recognition factor, but it does have an impact on our entire body. Such impact will also vary depending on whether we smoke or not, male versus female, age, the intensity of the odor, and the ability to activate related nerves. The impact produced can be in the form of either calming or excitatory responses. For example, to ensure purchases, perfume manufacturers attempt to mix a blend of fragrances and oils with different volatilities- that is, their ability to pass from liquid to gas-, such that it can be immediately accepted by us, the sniffer has a desire to buy the fragrance, and then the fragrance can linger.

In our practice, we recognize four different effect of essential oils on our bodies: energizing, calming, fortifying, and corrective. For additional information, feel free to contact us to enjoy the magic of essential oils!