Cosmetic Laser Procedures

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Med Aesthetics Miami utilizes the The GentleYAG® from Candela Corporation to heat the skin while treating rosacea, acne, spider veins; eliminate unwanted hair; and resurface and tighten the skin. As with all our procedures, our staff is fully licensed and with all the required certifications.

The Yag transfers heat to the deepest layers of the skin. The non-ablative laser creates thermal injury below the epidermis resulting in a healing response to the epidermis. The process will result in collagen and elastin stimulation, and reduction in wrinkles and sagging skin. In the case of rosacea, the blood vessels will coagulate; whereas in the case of acne, it has a bacteriostatic effect on the skin while also controlling the condition. Last but not least, textural irregularities improve from the  resurfacing of the skin.

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