The New Middle Ages

Many of our concepts regarding “the middle ages” are outdated and do not fit our current reality. Many believe that we have added fifteen years to our lives, we look in the mirror and thanks to many skin rejuvenation treatments, we look better than what our ancestors did at the same age, not at the end but at the middle. It does not have to be that our best days are behind us. For many of us, the pieces of the puzzle fit nicely together in the “middle ages”. It is then when not only the understanding and maturity are present, but the skills set and personality needed to accomplish our goals are ready. There is a new optimism not based on the naivete of our younger years, but on the wisdom learned in the process. We have lost some things, but gained many new ones that we would have never imagined. While aging may be depressing, our new grounding can make us fabulous. The middles ages now is a new period, different from our youth, yet different from our old age. It is a time where we define our lives, not prepare for our death.