Lessons from 2022

As we approach the final curve of the year, it is important to look to the future but also to understand the past and take note of what we learned in the process. I believe that the salient characteristic that has kept me awake at night in 2022, has been the changing landscape and culture. I remember those days sitting in a rocking chair on my grandma’s balcony, where my grandma would declare, ”this world is coming to an end…our youth is lost”. I will never forget her doomsday prediction because it keeps me mentally rejuvenated. In other words, I try to avoid at all costs a negative mental framework that fails to view the world as a product of evolution always spinning for the better.


Yes, it is true that many view the younger generation as “lazy” and only working “if they’re feeling it”. On the opposite side, many believe that people from my generation were taught that working without balance is the only way to make things happen. How do you negotiate these two opposing views (regardless of the generation), when there is a limited number of hours in a day, multiple tasks to do, and an income expectation and goal? Answering that question constituted my biggest challenge of the year. While there are many possible solutions, I believe that bringing everyone’s passion out should be the goal of good management. With passion, as long as it is aligned with the business values, and as long as it is wrapped around a framework of teamwork, achieving the business goals while matching the expectations of the new generation may be more feasible. Only with passion can anyone happily maximize the time the person wants to spend working toward their goals.


Our goal at Med Aesthetics Miami is to provide the best treatments with the latest technology, but without our staff, all of it would be impossible. Learning from the past, and paying attention to how we are evolving will ensure that we continue thriving in this ever-changing business landscape. Should you wish to contact us, you can do so at 305-356-7402. Please remember that “Our Promise Is More Than Beauty.”