Our New Virtual Skin Consultation Services

Your Virtual Skin Wellness Consultant

Non-biased Advice. We analyze your skin and then make product recommendations from multiple lines we trust, so that you have access to only the best.



1)Problematic Skin (Day Time Control / Spot Treatment) + Staycation Kit (At home Facial for all skin types)- $80

2)Antiaging (Night Time Repair) + Staycation Kit (At home Facial for all skin types)- $70

3)Sensitive/ Rosacea (chrono calm)  + Staycation Kit (At home Facial for all skin types)-$50

4)Uneven Pigment  (white veil / bright white serum) + Staycation Kit (At home facial for all skin types)- $125


1)For those wanting a basic complete routine at home, get an ultrasonic skin scrubber, mild cleansing lotion, a botanical infused moisturizing toner , any level of vitamin a based avst for $180 including the cosmetic bag and headwrap.

2)For those wanting to roll at home for product infusion (this is different from professional Microneedle) we have the following kit on special promotion:

Get a mild cleansing lotion, botanical infused moisturizing toner, any level avst moisturizer with vitamin a and a cosmetic roller/CIT for $242 . The kit includes a cosmetic bag, ultrasonic skin rubber and spa head wrap.

3)Mother’s Day special: includes Clay Masque, Pre-Cleansing Oil, Hydrating Oil Capsules, the bag shown in the picture with head wrap, travel size Avance moisturizer and sunscreen for $170


1)TRE $89 and the advanced $95

2)Saviour Antioxidant Oil- $65

3)Micro-gel cream level 1 $219 (stem cells)

Micro-gel cream level 2 $249 (stem cells)

CHECK OUT OUR REVIEWS 5 STARS ***** 2/10/2020 (Yelp) Im really happy with all the results I have seen lately with my skin. Roxana gets personally care of each patient, she was always following up each treatment I have done. I really recommend it.

Maria Laura V.


Circadia is a medical grade line and it is based on Chronobiology and believes that the skin has cyclical changes according to the earth's rotation.


Environ, also medical grade, was created by Dr. Des Fernandes, who made significant contributions to microneedling. His science based line starts with Vitamin A .


Skinprint is an innovative line, also medical grade, which I like because they're on top of their game and they carry exciting, niche products.