Guilty about Taking Care of Yourself

Guilty about Taking Care of Yourself

As I was trying to decide on what to write for my blog, whether this is Passover or Easter or whatever holiday you celebrate, I figured I’d write about liberating routines. One of the rewarding aspects of what I do, is dealing with people and being able to share in their experience. Lately, it struck me, that many come to my office feeling guilty about taking care of themselves and about enjoying the beautiful things in life. Many of us are so mired in our daily to-do’s that we forget the big picture, and many others are simply afraid of taking care of ourselves because of past conditioning. The understanding that such guilt is just blocking us from enjoying what makes life special, such as beauty and creativity, is very liberating.

So I decided to implement these guilt free resolutions:

1 Organize my goals for the next day, the night before so that when I go to sleep I am calm and when I wake up, I don’t rush and my mind is clear. (Some recommend organizing your days in the morning, but that doesn’t work for me).

2 Vitamins are a must. I know it’s cliche, but it’s true….they make a difference.

3 Exercise, whether it is going up the stairs like a client of mine recommended, can be simple, yet changes my attitude. 

4 Eating a healthy diet, of course, but do not forget those cookies that leave you happily ever after.

5 Spending time on doing treatments on myself (as opposed to on the rest of the world).

6 No rushing, whether in the morning or during the day, it makes you prone to make mistakes (I just crashed my car against a wall that way). 

7 Spending the cash fearlessly, as long as it’s within my boundaries. Regardless, it comes and goes. No guilt!

Just sharing some thoughts for this special weekend. As always, you know you can find us at 305-3567402. “Our Promise Is More Than Beauty” .