We use the GentleYag (1064nm) from Candela to treat patients with acne. It’s a very powerful laser manufactured by Candela, an old and reputable energy device company with presence in over 100 countries. 

The laser acne treatment consists of weekly passes of the laser on the skin to be treated until a temperature of 40-45 degrees Celcius is reached. We can combine it with peels and facial products for a more effective result. The heat that is comfortably generated (precisely to 40-45 degrees Celsius) actually refrains the P-Acne (bacteria) and calms down the sebaceous glands which produce the oil. 

As with all our procedures, an evaluation is performed prior to the treatment. During this evaluation, the treatment path is desgined along with the number of sessions and aggressiveness of methodologies. Every person is different, so each pathway will according to the conditions existent in the skin. 

Our patients can expect to see a noticeable quick improvement after their first treatment but will need several sessions to get the best results. Realistic expectations can be anywhere from 30% – 70% improvement with sometimes as high as 50% just after the 1st acne treatment. 

Everyone’s skin is different so to provide proper clinically and ethically accurate direction can be challenging until the first treatment is completed and efficacy can be gauged from there. 

Patients require multiple treatments to get the desired results. On average, it is recommended the patient be treated every week for 4 weeks. Additional acne treatments can be determined with the provider if necessary. 

Pricing is generally set at $175 per session, but we bundle it at a discount for a package of 4 sessions when bought as such. 

Please refer to our gallery. 

We do not take insurance. 

Yes, modern laser acne treatments work for all skin types (Fitzpatrick 1-6) . It’s both safe and effective. 

Yes, but they require a signature from parents to confirm their consent. 

No downtime, you can go to school or work as usual. 

Often, the post treatment downtime is redness which often goes away quickly; within 2-4 hours. Other significant aftereffects from laser acne treatment are rare. 

Accutane (and now banned Roaccutane) are powerful medications with significant side effects and pre-cautions. Laser is essentially holistic in nature given that it is simple light and heat. 

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