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Laser Vein Treatment

Spider veins are a common condition in millions of men and women that can cause embarrassment and can be a painful. The cause of this condition can be heredity or can occur through pregnancy and hormones. The veins appear on the legs and become raised and tangled which looks like an unattractive web underneath the surface of the skin. We find that women are more commonly affected by this condition mentally and some will refuse to wear any clothing that shows of their legs as they are embarrassed of the spider veins.

Earlier procedures for this condition including stripping, ligation and sclerotherapy have been criticized for being very painful and for leading to unwanted side effects after the treatment. But our laser procedure can give patients an easier experience when treating this problem as we can give them a more precise result with less pain, and less side effects. The procedure works by using the laser to heat the vein which causes it to close.

Laser vein treatment offers patients:

    • Fewer Side Effects
    • Less Trauma
    • Shorter Treatment Time
    • Shorter Recovery
    • Minimal Downtime


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